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Fri 9/10 - 90 min of yoga
Thurs. 9/9 - 4 miles in 46:57
Wed. 9/8 - 90 min. of yoga
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I actually DID exercise last week.. i just failed to post about it. I even upped my mileage.
Doh. Oh well.

Tuesday, 9/7/10 This route in 32:14
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Mon 8/23 - It's raining! but lex and i were both a little stir crazy so we sucked it up and went running in the rain. I think we actually both do much better at lower temps, and so the rain wasn't ALL that bad.  This route in 43:05. I was much less tired than the Friday run.
Sat. 8/21 - 2 hours of yoga that i  half-assed because I was still tired from going out the night before.
Fri. 8/20 - This route in 38:22. It felt tiring.
Thurs. 8/19 - 90 minutes of yoga
Wed. 8/18 - 29 minutes of running, with a  break in the middle for when I realized I had lost my house key and would be totally f*cked without it and then spent 20-30 minutes looking for it. Luckily, I found it!


Aug. 7th, 2010 02:16 pm
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8/7 Did a silghtly longer and faster run with Rebecca! Time is on her watch which is out of arms reach. I had to borrow hers because i lost mine... AGAIN! Grrrr
ETA: Time was 36:55 under 10 min/ miles! YAY

go go go

Aug. 6th, 2010 08:48 am
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8/6 - plans to do an hour and a half of core-kicking yoga.
8/5 - Did 8/1's route plus a couple blocks in the ridiculous humidity. My running partner was not happy. ETA: I think it was about a minute longer so ~ 34 minutes.
8/3 - 1000 yards in a ridiculously overcrowded pool. Kiddie pool was out of commission so everyone was shoved in the lap pool. yuck. Also I think all my other recent swims were actually 100 yards longer than i recorded.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 07:44 pm
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Was going to do something longer on 8/1 but punked out because of a late saturday night.
8/2 - Lex and I did this 3 mile route in 33:58.


Jul. 30th, 2010 09:02 pm
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7/28 - 1100 yards in the pool
7/30 - Ran the same route with lex. I think about a minute slower, but need to double check my watch. ETA: 28:29
7/31 - two hours of yoga


Jul. 27th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Lex and I did this route in 27: 30. I was tired at the 20 minute mark but soldiered on. At the end I still managed to run up my horrendous hilly street.

health goals update: I can fit into shorts that i bought on my honeymoon!!! I haven't been able to fit into them SINCE my honeymoon! 
life update: I feel more optimistic and positive this week than i have in a long time.
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7/23 90 minutes of yoga!
7/25 Ran 3.4 miles in 37 minutes. Yes there was a double back plus two stops for water and some street crossing.

I need to do a life/goals update too. But I need to shower more.
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Today lex and I did this slight variation. About 27 minutes which includes a long street crossing and a stop for water. Which means I'm right at a 10 minute mile. I'd like to add a half mile to this.


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:45 am
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Okay I think I'm gong to start logging my exercise again.
7/19 - Ran for ~29 minutes with the dog. This route:
7/21 - Swim! 1000 yards mostly rotating through different strokes but I did work in a 3 x 100 free streak with 10 secs between 100's.
(This will be a rare occurrence as I'm doing the drop-in fee at the only Y nearby that has a decent pool. I just can't justify the ~$55 monthly fee unless i'm going to commit to 6 times a month.)

Goals: Fit into more of my clothes! Get my weak right leg into better shape. A 10k sometime in august/september. maybe a half-marathon in the next year?

Life Update: I've moved to Boston! I'm unemployed currently but am looking for teaching positions for the fall. I'm also trying to get involved with research in the area. It's all going a little slower than I'd like... I'm not that great with unstructured time. Sooooo concentrating on getting healthier and maybe doing some goal setting would be good for me.
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I am not entirely sure that i have room for all of this.. but i guess i can always buy more pots!
To grow:

Orange Tomatoes: Will says that if I dont grow these it's a "deal breaker". Either Dixie Golden "goldie" Giant or Kellogs Breakfast. This item will determine where i order from as not everyone carries these. So far options are Fedco (cheapest), SnowSeedCo (but they don't sell small envelopes), Reimers Seeds, and Seed Savers
Juliet tomatoes: Delicious sauce and great in salads/sandwhiches
SunGold Tomatoes: the BEST cherry tomato
Tomatilos: one of Will's great loves
Bok Choi: Last years seeds
Rainbow Chard: have seeds
Peas (snow and snap): have peas to plant
Cucumber (traditional hybrid): have seeds
Cucumber, asian: need to get
Garlic (already planted, possibly already dug up by rascally animals)
Onions (from sets)
radish: have seeds (but might get some new exciting variety.. i liked the eng. breakfast)
Eggplant: have seeds
Arugula: have seeds (the cheapo seeds from last year that were AMAZING)
Buttercrunch lettuce
4 o'clocks:have seeds might get more
morning glories: have seeds might get more


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:13 pm
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thank god.
I feel so hopeful and so freakin relieved.
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Walter Meego : sample here:
Tv On the Radio
Ra Ra Riot
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Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't fix your hair... just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. Post these instructions with your picture.

I worked late last night, which was good because I was uber productive. But it was bad becuase I can never just go to sleep after working. I need an hour or so to decompress. So i got home at 11:30 then stayed up for 2 hours watching tv and crocheting a baby booty (for a friend). I woke up feeling like someone hit me with a bat.
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I did the half this morning and it went great!
I felt really great about the run (the weather was perfect mid 50s to mid 60's and partly cloudy) and definitely felt like I pushed myself. The bummer is that I missed a PR by 10 seconds. Saad...

2005: 2:01:38
2007: 2:07:58
2008: 2:01:48

Allison and I ran together until about 10.5 and then she and her speedy self took off. Her bf biked around and cheered for us and took some mid-race pictures. Hopefully they'll turn out well and I'll post them!

Overall though i had a fantastic run : ) If anyone is interested here are the mileage splits according to my watch:
1st mile: 9.54
2: 9.20
3: 9.22
4: 9.19
5: 9.36
6: 8.41
7: 9.39
8: 9.15
9: 9.21
10: 9.04
11: 9.27
12: 9.01
13.1: 9.47
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I should get a new gardening pic.... Pictures and progress under the cut Read more... )
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Saturday 4/26/08: 9 miles. I did 1.5 miles on my own and then Kirsten and Jill joined me for this. Total of 1:29:12.

Friday 4/25/08: 2 miles on the track SUPER SLOW. 10 + min/mile. Everything hurt i felt like I was running through mud. Jill reminded me that I had 1/2 a beer a couple hours before hand.

Wednesday 4/23/08: 22 mile bike ride with Shawn,this route. Shawn had forgotten that I moved to the west side and so the 10-15 mile ride turned into


Apr. 27th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Yesterday Will filled the new raised bed with soil and I planted some things!
I ended up buying all my seeds from jungs (rather than seed savers).

Things planted OUTdoors (4/27):
Side of the house: Lilly Bulbs
Old bed: 1 row onions, 1 row buttercrunch lettuce (for BLT's), 1/2 row radishes, 1/2 row beets, 1 row bok choi
In a pot: radishes and swiss chard

Seeds started (4/27):
Moon flowers, bell peppers, sweet pimento peppers. I have my doubts the peppers will get big enough to produce much.

Seeds Started (4/20):
Zuchinni, american cukes, asian cukes, tomatillos, morning glories, 4 o'clocks, calendula, chinese lantern, chrysanthemum. Everything has sprouted except the chinese lanterns and chrysanthemums

ETA: someone seems to be digging at my bulbs and seeds...damn squirrels.. HOW DO THEY KNOW?!!L:@J!(!*@(*!&@!(@&*
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Saturday 4/19: 6.2 miles, vilas loop with Allison and Jill. The whole thing took 61:57 but there were a few stops. I clocked our miles and our pace was 9:30 or under when actually running. I felt quite proud.

Today 4/21: 4 hilly miles from Waisman with Jill 42:58. (its probably a little more than 4 miles cuz of all the hills)

I also rode my bike to work today! woo woo. It would be good to go for a 10 mile ride this week.
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