littlepurple: (run)
littlepurple ([personal profile] littlepurple) wrote2008-04-03 11:02 pm
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run and swim

4/2/08 - A little over 4 miles from waisman in 41 minutes. Again pretty hilly.
4/3/08 - swimmmmmmming. 800 yards. I didnt do any timed sets cuz I watched hte clock for one 50 and saw that i was 1.5 times slower than i usually was.. (yowza). Instead I just rotated through swim, kick, pull, fly. By fly i mean a little fly kick a couple times a pool length and mostly freestyle/back trying to catch my breath.

I'm in michigan for Newest Nephews first birthday party. The shindig is saturday and there will be (wait for it).... 100 people there. My parents are nuts.

Also it seems that I've broken my parents internet... hmph and am currently stealing wireless.

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