Apr. 18th, 2008 07:06 pm
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I didnt work on my dissertation at all today...
And over hte weekend i'm busy with a bunch of random stuff.... ergh.

But i did workout recent.

Wednesday 4/16: 2 miles outside on a very warm night.
Thusdsay 4/17: 4 miles total: speed workout at the track. 4 miles only by counting my rest/slow laps in between 400's. I'm scared to look at training logs from last year and two years ago.. i'm annoying slow right now..argh
I did 1 mile warm up 4 x 400, rest 4 x 400, 400 cool down
my 400 times were something like: 1:56, 1:55, 1:59, 1:55, 2:00, 1:59, 1:59(probably 9), 1:56
i should check my watch since I saved my times.

going to [profile] thehcatat for dinner and drinking.
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I have been a total stress ball over work since last night. My brow haa been furrowed for 12 hours straight.
As part of my ineffective coping strategy, i've been very effectively avoiding doing anything school related at work for the last 2 hours. which is great.. ya know avoiding doing the one thing that would help me calm the fuck down to work on every other possible thing in my life.

And live journal updating has reached it's turn!


I did 8 miles, this route, on sunday with Kirsten and Allison. THank god for running partners.... The top of my left foot was very very sore afterwards, and it hurt to walk on it Monday.. so I took two days off. (I was going to ride my bike yesterday but didnt get my shit together in time). It feels much better now and I think i can start running again. This week is supposed to be the step back.. with 9/10 the following week. I might push the step back a week later.

Last night I started some seeds.
2 - green zuke
3 asian cuke
4 regular cuke
6 tomatillos

There's still room in the seed starter tray so I might try some other stuff..


Apr. 12th, 2008 11:02 am
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Friday 4/11/08: 2 miles on the indoor track + weight training. I did a machine (i think leg presses). And then I did lunges with 20 pounds in my hands till my muscles burrrrrrrrrrned. Yeap... i'm sore today.

interestingly, relay for life was going on last night, but they didnt close the gym. It was a bit of a cluster fuck. 100's of people in the shell milling around waiting for their event to start while 40 people or so were actually working out and using the facility. There were between 2-10 people using the track while i was tehre.. and they all looked severely annoying. I was severely annoyed when i was on the track. Lots of people were just milling in the middle of the track adn didn't get that they should GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY. They probably should have just shut the shell done for the event.

Today is my day of rest (good thing too as my quads still burrrrrrrrn). TOmorrow 8 miles, possibly indoors cuz its fucking snowing.
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Lettuce for BLTs, Argula, Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, zuke, Basil, Cilantro, swiss chard, beets
Moon Flower, 4 o'clocks, morning glories

Old Bed:
Roma tomatos, Tomatillos, peas Peppers: 2-3 Jalapenos; 3 Bell; 1 ornamental

New Bed:
1-2 american cuke, 1-2 asian cuke, Bok Choi, onions, eggplant (thai),

Seeds To purchase:
seed savers: early fortune cuke, 4 o'clocks, bright lights swiss chard, peas, detroit dark red beets
jungs:tomatillo, star struck morning glories, pak choi, radish (easter egg blend),
Seedlings: basil, cilantro, maybe romas, tomatillo, peppers, eggplant

Next steps... planting schedule.
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yesterday, swimming in water:
800 yards in the pool in 25 minutes (speedy!)
The pool was closing so thats all i could do.. but really i am planning on upping my yardage.
I did some timed 50s. I did them on the 1:20. When I was going to the pool twice a week I was consistently doing a 50 in a minute and taking a 10 sec. rest before the next interval. Now I barely make it back by 1:10
le sigh

today, running in water:
Ran with friend Kirsten. Today was one of those really shitty rainy April days. It has been raining pretty hard all day.. and while my garden will appreciate this ... the temps have not gotten high enough to make this anywhere close to pleasant for running. The rain was hard and wet and cold. None of that dainty sprinkly warm rain.. but pouring pounding running down your face icy cold rain.
But we persevered!!!
We ran from Kirsten's to the gov's house (or is it the mayor.. i can't remember). It was a bit over 4 miles at a 9:45 pace.

What I'd really like to do is bring the bike out soon... but its still cold here.. stupid wisconsin. did you know that northern wisconsin has a blizzard warning for tonight?

Meanwhile someone needs to get her ass in gear, work-wise. I think I will start on that...... tomorrow. Tonight i plan to: eat, plan out garden, Send seed wish-list out to new-gardener friend (who is an english phd student writing his dissertation on GARDEN WRITING... IT IS SO COOL I WANT HIM TO BE MY FRIEND SO BAD), and hopefully install some new ram.

And because its good to be positive sometimes....
an incomplete list of things that made me happy today:
Getting excited about new scientific ideas
Remembering why I thought graduate school would be fun
Planning my garden
Seeing Will

run run run

Apr. 8th, 2008 09:57 am
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Somehow allison and I managed to run the vilas/Lake Wingra 10k route from my house last night. After four days of not running... it wasn't bad.
Gmap pedometer says it was 7.5 miles and we did it in about 75 minutes. However.. i think gmaps is underestimating our mileage... becuase we had mile markers for 5 miles in the middle and I clocked us at 9:36, 9:21; 9:43; 10:03; 10:06 sooo... i think we had to have been under a 10 overall... especially since there was a mile before that 9:36 that was unclocked, and had a good downhill to it. And we were totally superstars and sped up for hte last block, which was uphill.
It was fantastic to run with Allison. The run was definitely challenging and my quads were burning at the end. Being able to chat helped keep my mind off of my legs and enjoy the motion. Also there is no way I would've moved so quickly in the beginning if I had been by myself.
Yay for running partners!
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4/2/08 - A little over 4 miles from waisman in 41 minutes. Again pretty hilly.
4/3/08 - swimmmmmmming. 800 yards. I didnt do any timed sets cuz I watched hte clock for one 50 and saw that i was 1.5 times slower than i usually was.. (yowza). Instead I just rotated through swim, kick, pull, fly. By fly i mean a little fly kick a couple times a pool length and mostly freestyle/back trying to catch my breath.

I'm in michigan for Newest Nephews first birthday party. The shindig is saturday and there will be (wait for it).... 100 people there. My parents are nuts.

Also it seems that I've broken my parents internet... hmph and am currently stealing wireless.
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Friday March 28 - Swim 800 yards. A mix of everything at easy paces, no sets. I was taking it easy since I was getting over an ear infection and hadn't run/swam in a week (i was busy lounging on a tropical island paradise)

Sat. March 29 - 4 hilly miles w/Allison from my house. this is a standard route for me. From my house, on to the Arboreturm loop, and just into the entrance of the Arb (to the 3 mile maker post). Four very very hilly miles. ~42 minutes

Mon. March 31st - 2 miles indoor speed. Just wanted to keep the mileage up. [ profile] corydoras came with me and we did 2 miles, with some speed thrown in. It went something like 1/2 mile run, (200 sprint 200 recover) x 3, (100 sprint 100 recover) x 2
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1-2 pots: Lettuce for BLTs, Argula, Radishes - start from seeds
2 pots: Cherry Tomatoes - seedlings
1 pot: zuke? -seeds
Basil, Cilantro - seedlings
swiss chard - seeds
beets (?) - seeds
Moon Flower
Sun Flower

Old Bed:
Roma tomatos
Peppers: 2-3 Jalapenos; 3 Bell; 1 ornamental - planlets

New Bed:
1 american cuke - seeds
1 asian cuke - seeds
Bok Choi

.... Not sure what else. i know Will had some ideas of things as well... I really need to go through my seeds and start things.

To purchase:
seeds: 4 o'clocks, morning glories, bright lights swiss chard, american cuke, bok choi
unsure: beets
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So this is what fame feels like...

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Found this randomly on flickr:

link here.

How cool is that?
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Grmble... do you ever get stuck? I'm stuck. I know i should get up, get dressed go to work and be productive. I have plenty of things to work on. But i'm just stuck in bed, with my computer.....

Also i miss the physicist. He left for conferences yesterday and next time I see him will be when we're both in Michigan for thanksgiving. I know I should rally to get a lot of work done the next three days... but here i sit.

tap tap tap


Nov. 9th, 2007 10:41 am
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I'm working on writing up some data for a paper. I wrote most of the methods section over the last day or so but leaving big gaps with specific #'s. (things like the exact length of certain stimuli). Well i went to look up this info and managed to find a giant fucking confound in my stimuli. I started hyperventilating..... oh dear god...

I decided to do a quick gmail search to see if I ever discussed this issue with my advisor.. Maybe there was some brilliant reason my stimuli was structured as such. Turns out i did have a back and forth with J abut it, and seems like I even got rid of the confound... and so the spreadsheet i managed to pull up at first is just not the most recent one... *phew*

THank fucking god....
can i say that again?

now i just have to dig through crap to find the right spreadsheet....

also: Go Lions!
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Style Scores
Visual 1
Social 17
Physical 15
Aural 5
Verbal 9
Solitary 4
Logical 14

I took one of these for the summer class I was in and find it SO INTERESTING. I like that I have low ratings on visual, aural and verbal. That's right, I learn by sense of touch!
I think its right that of those things i learn best verbally, i.e. with words. I ignore figures and maps and look for written descriptions.
You can take this one here.
[ profile] corydoras or [ profile] eirias, do either of you have the one we did for class?
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Text shamelessly stolen from [ profile] eirias
This post is worth reading -- LJ is willing to donate $30 to DonorsChoose for every user who sends email to requesting it; basically they'll send you an electronic gift certificate to spend on any of the DonorsChoose projects, which are basically small grants written by teachers in poor communities looking for funding for classroom supplies. (It may be no substitute for adequate funding, but it's a hell of a lot better than teachers taking out loans...) I've donated to DonorsChoose before; it's pretty rewarding, 'cause you eventually get a packet of handwritten thank you letters from the kiddos.

Go! Now! Request your $30 gift certificate! It costs you nothing but a few minutes of project-surfing to figure out where you want to put the money. You have to email the above address by 5 pm, Monday, October 1 or the money goes poof.

You can request the 30$ gc from multiple email addresses and the email address does not have to be associated with an lj in any way to get the gc.
go forth and donate!

Literally all you have to write in the body of your email is something to the effect of: I would like to participate in your Donors Choose promotion.
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Today started off phenomenally awful so I decided to go harvest some toamtoes, to cheer myself up. And wow HARVEST SOME TOMATOES I DID:

The Gnome He Bringeth Tomatoes
I bringeth Tomatoes

I can just see the sauce and soup and salsa... oh my
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7 miles in a lengthy 82 minutes...

It was hot though and I hadn't run in a week and i stopped for water at several places... so it was goood, all in all. And i enjoyed myself, which was nice...

but also there were some other complications...

running with the runs TMI )
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I submitted a paper for a talk at a conference in Boston in November and it got accepted!!!!
So exciting! i get to give a big exciting talk in front of lots of people who one day might want to hire me!!!
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