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I am not entirely sure that i have room for all of this.. but i guess i can always buy more pots!
To grow:

Orange Tomatoes: Will says that if I dont grow these it's a "deal breaker". Either Dixie Golden "goldie" Giant or Kellogs Breakfast. This item will determine where i order from as not everyone carries these. So far options are Fedco (cheapest), SnowSeedCo (but they don't sell small envelopes), Reimers Seeds, and Seed Savers
Juliet tomatoes: Delicious sauce and great in salads/sandwhiches
SunGold Tomatoes: the BEST cherry tomato
Tomatilos: one of Will's great loves
Bok Choi: Last years seeds
Rainbow Chard: have seeds
Peas (snow and snap): have peas to plant
Cucumber (traditional hybrid): have seeds
Cucumber, asian: need to get
Garlic (already planted, possibly already dug up by rascally animals)
Onions (from sets)
radish: have seeds (but might get some new exciting variety.. i liked the eng. breakfast)
Eggplant: have seeds
Arugula: have seeds (the cheapo seeds from last year that were AMAZING)
Buttercrunch lettuce
4 o'clocks:have seeds might get more
morning glories: have seeds might get more
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Apr. 27th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Yesterday Will filled the new raised bed with soil and I planted some things!
I ended up buying all my seeds from jungs (rather than seed savers).

Things planted OUTdoors (4/27):
Side of the house: Lilly Bulbs
Old bed: 1 row onions, 1 row buttercrunch lettuce (for BLT's), 1/2 row radishes, 1/2 row beets, 1 row bok choi
In a pot: radishes and swiss chard

Seeds started (4/27):
Moon flowers, bell peppers, sweet pimento peppers. I have my doubts the peppers will get big enough to produce much.

Seeds Started (4/20):
Zuchinni, american cukes, asian cukes, tomatillos, morning glories, 4 o'clocks, calendula, chinese lantern, chrysanthemum. Everything has sprouted except the chinese lanterns and chrysanthemums

ETA: someone seems to be digging at my bulbs and seeds...damn squirrels.. HOW DO THEY KNOW?!!L:@J!(!*@(*!&@!(@&*
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I have been a total stress ball over work since last night. My brow haa been furrowed for 12 hours straight.
As part of my ineffective coping strategy, i've been very effectively avoiding doing anything school related at work for the last 2 hours. which is great.. ya know avoiding doing the one thing that would help me calm the fuck down to work on every other possible thing in my life.

And live journal updating has reached it's turn!


I did 8 miles, this route, on sunday with Kirsten and Allison. THank god for running partners.... The top of my left foot was very very sore afterwards, and it hurt to walk on it Monday.. so I took two days off. (I was going to ride my bike yesterday but didnt get my shit together in time). It feels much better now and I think i can start running again. This week is supposed to be the step back.. with 9/10 the following week. I might push the step back a week later.

Last night I started some seeds.
2 - green zuke
3 asian cuke
4 regular cuke
6 tomatillos

There's still room in the seed starter tray so I might try some other stuff..
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Lettuce for BLTs, Argula, Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, zuke, Basil, Cilantro, swiss chard, beets
Moon Flower, 4 o'clocks, morning glories

Old Bed:
Roma tomatos, Tomatillos, peas Peppers: 2-3 Jalapenos; 3 Bell; 1 ornamental

New Bed:
1-2 american cuke, 1-2 asian cuke, Bok Choi, onions, eggplant (thai),

Seeds To purchase:
seed savers: early fortune cuke, 4 o'clocks, bright lights swiss chard, peas, detroit dark red beets
jungs:tomatillo, star struck morning glories, pak choi, radish (easter egg blend),
Seedlings: basil, cilantro, maybe romas, tomatillo, peppers, eggplant

Next steps... planting schedule.
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yesterday, swimming in water:
800 yards in the pool in 25 minutes (speedy!)
The pool was closing so thats all i could do.. but really i am planning on upping my yardage.
I did some timed 50s. I did them on the 1:20. When I was going to the pool twice a week I was consistently doing a 50 in a minute and taking a 10 sec. rest before the next interval. Now I barely make it back by 1:10
le sigh

today, running in water:
Ran with friend Kirsten. Today was one of those really shitty rainy April days. It has been raining pretty hard all day.. and while my garden will appreciate this ... the temps have not gotten high enough to make this anywhere close to pleasant for running. The rain was hard and wet and cold. None of that dainty sprinkly warm rain.. but pouring pounding running down your face icy cold rain.
But we persevered!!!
We ran from Kirsten's to the gov's house (or is it the mayor.. i can't remember). It was a bit over 4 miles at a 9:45 pace.

What I'd really like to do is bring the bike out soon... but its still cold here.. stupid wisconsin. did you know that northern wisconsin has a blizzard warning for tonight?

Meanwhile someone needs to get her ass in gear, work-wise. I think I will start on that...... tomorrow. Tonight i plan to: eat, plan out garden, Send seed wish-list out to new-gardener friend (who is an english phd student writing his dissertation on GARDEN WRITING... IT IS SO COOL I WANT HIM TO BE MY FRIEND SO BAD), and hopefully install some new ram.

And because its good to be positive sometimes....
an incomplete list of things that made me happy today:
Getting excited about new scientific ideas
Remembering why I thought graduate school would be fun
Planning my garden
Seeing Will
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1-2 pots: Lettuce for BLTs, Argula, Radishes - start from seeds
2 pots: Cherry Tomatoes - seedlings
1 pot: zuke? -seeds
Basil, Cilantro - seedlings
swiss chard - seeds
beets (?) - seeds
Moon Flower
Sun Flower

Old Bed:
Roma tomatos
Peppers: 2-3 Jalapenos; 3 Bell; 1 ornamental - planlets

New Bed:
1 american cuke - seeds
1 asian cuke - seeds
Bok Choi

.... Not sure what else. i know Will had some ideas of things as well... I really need to go through my seeds and start things.

To purchase:
seeds: 4 o'clocks, morning glories, bright lights swiss chard, american cuke, bok choi
unsure: beets
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Today started off phenomenally awful so I decided to go harvest some toamtoes, to cheer myself up. And wow HARVEST SOME TOMATOES I DID:

The Gnome He Bringeth Tomatoes
I bringeth Tomatoes

I can just see the sauce and soup and salsa... oh my
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one week. okay i get a little nervous thinking about that.....
But i feel mostly ready. Yeah, I feel ready. This year they are having professional pacers and pace teams at the race. I find this very exciting. I'm tyring to decide whether I should do the 4:00 or 4:10 group. Sometimes I think about it all and I think, I've trained hard my body feels reasonably good and I"m READY! Sometimes i get nervous thinking about it. Right now i feel nervous. So let's just move right on.....

The Garden:
Today co-gardener Sarah and I were joined by the lovely [personal profile] eirias. The three of us together were super productive! We weeded, newspapered, and woodchipped three walkways between beds. And my god what a huge cosmetic difference this made. The garden just looks so much neater and cleaner. We then weeded, turned & planted a whole bed. We were amaaaaazing! Also things are actually growing! Every year i'm always shocked that things are really growing. It's so exciting! Things that are up: red radishes, lettuce, bok choi, nasturtiums, bibb lettuce and the strawberries are fruiting. Wheee! Pics under the cut.
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I really really should be working....
but anyways. Running, Garden & Underwear under the cut )
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The garden was not nearly as bad as i expected.
A good day )


Apr. 9th, 2006 01:04 pm
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I am so excited, i'm off to the community garden plot today!!!
It might be really uhm overgrown and terrible. My goal is to clear out one bed and plant some stuff.
it's like 53 degrees and partially sunny. yay!

According to my sources these are the things i can put into the ground now that i have seeds for (I am in zone4-5; madison, WI):
veggies: sugar peas, purple cauliflower, spinach, carrots, red radish, allstar, gourmet lettuce mix, daikon radish, green bib lettuce, onion (seeds), leeks
herbs: cilantro, leaf parsley
flowers:lamb's ears, nasturtium, forget me nots, bachelor's button, phlox,

I want to buy onion sets... cuz i'm worried about my onion seeds will not take... i'm not sure if i should do that today or wait...

i also want to get little sticks to label everything.

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