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Apr. 27th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Yesterday Will filled the new raised bed with soil and I planted some things!
I ended up buying all my seeds from jungs (rather than seed savers).

Things planted OUTdoors (4/27):
Side of the house: Lilly Bulbs
Old bed: 1 row onions, 1 row buttercrunch lettuce (for BLT's), 1/2 row radishes, 1/2 row beets, 1 row bok choi
In a pot: radishes and swiss chard

Seeds started (4/27):
Moon flowers, bell peppers, sweet pimento peppers. I have my doubts the peppers will get big enough to produce much.

Seeds Started (4/20):
Zuchinni, american cukes, asian cukes, tomatillos, morning glories, 4 o'clocks, calendula, chinese lantern, chrysanthemum. Everything has sprouted except the chinese lanterns and chrysanthemums

ETA: someone seems to be digging at my bulbs and seeds...damn squirrels.. HOW DO THEY KNOW?!!L:@J!(!*@(*!&@!(@&*
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Holy difference with my fuchsia's.

Day i moved it into the shade:
Hopefully Happy Fuchsia
Today, 3 days later:
Much Happier Fuchsia

Holy happy foliage!
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turns out there's a lot...

When I went out and bought a bunch of plants three weeks ago I picked ones that were hardy and pretty. I forgot to consider the amount of sun and shade areas around the house get... oops.

I bought fuchsia's to make a hanging basket and some impatients for a cute and kitchy little grecian planter. The fuchsia's were in the front of the house getting sun at least half the day, and the impatients were put next to a bush but still getting half a day of sun. I knew these were shade plants.. but i dont think i really understood what that meant. I figured it meant they could deal without sunlight.. but i didnt think that meant they didn't like it. Well both plants have been looking like ass for the last two weeks... Today at the farmers market I confirmed that they were both indeed getting too much sun. I think the guy said "You are lucky your fuchsia's have not burst into flames by now." So well.. yes i've got that going for me. This morning (btw how is it already 6pm???) I spent some time repotting and moving things.

First the impatients:
Unhappy Impatients Hopefully Happier Impatients

They were in the little grecian planter (which my freinds made fun of, i'm looking at you [profile] corydoras), next to a shrub. They've done "okay". The greenery did well but not as many blooms as i expected. The main problem was that the planter had no drainage and the impatients were drowning with the non-stop rain we had this week. Sooo i moved them.. too a nice shady spot under an unidentified tree.

The Fuchsias:
Sad Fuchsia Hopefully Happy Fuchsia
I took a buttter knife, heated it up and added some drainage holes to the side of the grecian planter. The fuchsia's moved in and the planter moved next to some ferns on the north side of the house, snuggled right up against the house... it is literally the only other place that is mostly shade anywhere around the house. I was really excited about these fuchsia's since my mom had always grown them when I was little. I hope they do well in there new locale. And conveniently I can always just pick the planter up and move it to a new spot if need be.

New inhabitants of the hanging pot:
New Hanging Basket!

i was determined to have a hanging basket out infront of the house this year. I went back to the farmers market and bought some sun loving plants! I got a bright pink verbena and some orangey-yellow lantanas. I think they'll do well!

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Jun. 9th, 2007 04:25 pm
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Big update!

So that raised bed I said might be a possibility... Well last week the physicist was the best boyfriend ever and actually built and filled a raised bed!!!!
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This summer I move in with the physicist. One of the many perks is a backyard where I can grow things! Right now I'm just planning for many many pots. But we've talked about putting in a raised bed as well... we'll see if it actually happens. In the mean time, I think we're going to try composting more of our random waste and yesterday I bought a pitch fork so we could actually turn the soil. Here are some pics taken a few weeks ago:
More Basil


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