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Actually, that's a lie. I have to write a long ass paper for my depth prelim in the next year. But that doesn't have to happen over a 36 hour period...

So yes its done. I'm glad. I need to shower now. WHile working I kept a list of odd thoughts and observations to post when done.

Ahh yes kudos and thanks to SOO many people. Friends are awesome and the encouragement was so great and so helpful and SOOOO appreciated! thanks you so much peeps.

Here's my list of funny thoughts while taking prelims:

things i'm doing a lot of:
urinating, smoking, constantly reapplying deoderant, asking rich stupid questions.

i mean affect not effect, i think

franticness sets in at t minus 24 hours.

i simultaneously get hungry and have the desire to smoke. I think this is due to the use of frequent smoking for appetite suppression in college...

I don't know when i have to pee or when i'm hungry until it NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW... that's not very adaptive.

four days with no chlorinated pool water or products, and my hair looks pretty damn good, thankyouverymuch

i have no intuition about where to put fucking commas

it is creepy when you look up at your document and you see that your ex-boyfriends full name is repeatedly typed in the middle of your essay... its like he's haunting me or something, except that he's not dead and we're on good terms.

No matter what, I will always always turn things in at thedeadline, not early. If i have one sentence left in the last two hours, i will wait for hte last ten minutes ot write it.


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